Smile Gallery

McClintock Family Dental

The followings are our actual patient’s photos.
Dental Implant
Original: Missing front tooth due to trauma
Result: Dental Implant placed to restore missing tooth
Smile Makeover:  Cosmetic Dental Crowns
Original: Chipped, cracked, and stained front teeth
Result: Cosmetic Dental Crowns renew patient’s smile!
Dental Porcelain Bridge
Original: Unsightly black marks around the teeth
Result: Cosmetic and functional dental porcelain bridge.
Dental Porcelain Crown
Original: Tooth is fractured.
Result: Cosmetic and functional dental porcelain crown.
Multiple Porcelain Veneers
Original: Patientt has severe worn upper and lower teeth
Result: We give her complete smile-makeover by putting on multiple porcelain veneers on her upper and lower teeth.
Porcelain Veneers
Original: Patient has a chipped front tooth
Result: A single porcelain veneer is to restore the tooth to its original beauty!
Dental Cleaning and Teeth Whitening
Original: Patient has severe staining on all of her teeth
Result: Complete stain removal and bleaching.  Patient is very happy!
Teeth Whitening
Original: Yellowish discoloration on her teeth
Result: Teeth whitening done to bring out her best smile!
Original: Crooked front tooth
Result: Limited Invisalign treatment to straighten the front teeth