Porcelain Veneers Make Beauiful Smiles

Discolored and chipped front teeth can have a make-over with dental porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers are like a new jacket for teeth.  It is cemented onto the front part of the tooth and it can hide the discoloration and recreate a new contour for the tooth.  The following is the diagram showing how the veneers can be put on a tooth:

Porcelain veneer diagram

Many people may not like the appearance of their teeth.  For example, this patient said she would try to hide her front teeth whenever she smiles because she doesn’t like their appearance.  Her front two teeth has discoloration and the corner is chipped.

Veneer Preop

Photo shows chipped front two teeth.


My advice to her is to get the veneer treatment.  After the veneer treatment, her front teeth looks very natural and she said now she can really smile.

Porcelain veneer post-op photo

Dental Porcelain veneers on front two teeth




Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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