Pain Is Not The Only Reason to Fix A Tooth

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I would like to point that many people have misconceptions that a tooth only needs to be fixed, i.e. getting a dental filling, if there is pain.  If a tooth is already becoming painful or starting to becoming more sensitive, the nerve within the tooth might be affected and the tooth might require some additional treatment like the root canal therapy to alleviate the pain.  A filling is not enough to fix the tooth.  That’s because there might be some underlying dental problems such as dental cavities and infection that is so severe that it affects the nerve within the tooth.  Nerve chamber of the tooth is located at the most inner part of the tooth and only a deep cavity can affect the nerve to elicit painful response.

Another misconception is that some people will wait out the pain.  They might have some pain initially but they would not see the dentist because they hope that the pain will go away.  Sometimes the pain will go away.  Sometimes the pain goes away for the wrong reasons.  If there is an infection to the nerve within the tooth, the bacteria will continue to damage the nerve until the nerve dies.  The deaden nerve will not sense pain but it will continue to rot.  A tooth would sense pain only if there is dental problems.  It is best to see the dentist before the infection gets worse.

There are many other good reasons to see the dentist.  Dental cavity, ulcers, bad breathe, gum recessions, clenching and grinding habits can affect your teeth.  It is best to fix a small cavity before it gets too big.  If you can feel the pain, the cavity may already be too big.  A big cavity takes more effort and costs more to fix.  I as the dentist would recommend people to get routine dental checkup and cleanings at least two times a year.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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