Implant Restoration for Missing Front Tooth

I would like to demonstrate today how to restore the front tooth with the implant as the definitive treatment.  Of course, there are other alternatives to implant and the alternative options include bridge, partial denture, and flipper.  Each option has its own advanntages and disadvantages but implant is the standard treatment of choice if the medical and dental conditions of the patient fulfill the requirement for implant.

Missing Front ToothThis patient loses one of his front tooth because he has severe periodontal bone loss around that tooth and it becomes very loose.  The tooth was extracted and was allowed to heal for several months prior to implant is placed.  Meanwhile, the missing tooth gap is temporarily filled in with a dental flipper.  Dental flipper is essentially a plastic partial denture and its main function is a cosmetic one.

Once the bone is healed, dentist placed the implant into the bone.




Then the bone is allowed to undergo osteointegration with the implant.  Depending on the bone quality, upper front bone may take several month to fully heal around the implant.  The implant will become secure into the bone.  This is how the implant looks like within the bone:

Intraoral Implant Photo2

Xray Image showing Dental Implant in bone.

Xray Image showing Dental Implant in bone.


Once the bone is fully healed around the implant, the implant is ready to be restored.  The dentist with the help of dental laboratory will design the implant crown according to the patient’s dental condition.  Then the dental crown is fixated onto the implant.  This is how the final result looks like.

Front Tooth Restored with Dental Implant


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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