Fluoride Rinse Helps Prevent Cavities

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Fluoride is a chemical ingredient common in toothpaste that has a special properties of strengthening the enamel of teeth.  In turn, this helps to prevent the cavity formation.  Often for patient who are more susceptible to cavity formation, I would recommend fluoride rinse to patients.  I would instruct the patient to use the rinse in addition to their dental hygiene routine.  Typically I instruct them to rinse with fluoride rinse after brushing their teeth and flossing.  Rinsing wth fluoride rinse for 30 seconds help the fluoride to distribute onto the surfaces of teeth.  After rinsing with fluoride rinse, I would tell patient to spit it out and do not rinse with water or drink water for at least half hour.  This allow the fluoride on the tooth to penetrate into the enamel.

However, over-ingestions of fluoride for children during their teeth development may cause fluorosis to their teeth.  So make sure that children do not swallow too much of those rinses or fluoride toothpaste.

Fluoride rinse can be purchased over-the-counter in drug stores.  One brand is ACT fluoride rinse manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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