Dental Xray Image Can Show Carotid Artery Calcification

Dental panoramic xray images are taken to show the entire dental arch and the surrounding bone structure around the region.  It can show the sinus, jaw bone, and the nerve canals.  Sometimes, any abnormality can also be detected.  It is especially good at detecting any calcification in the soft tissue area, for example in the carotid artery around the head and neck area.  The calcification will appear as the white patch on one or both side of the neck area.

Many times these blockage goes undetected because patient does not feel any symptoms.  However, if the blockage is not treated, risk of stroke might occur.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

Practicing Family Dentist Serving the city of Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Mesa in Arizona.