Cosmetic Anterior Crowns Can Dramatically Improve Your Smiles

Porcelain crowns can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and also provides structural protection for a broken tooth.  If the tooth has discoloration that cannot be removed by whitening and if the tooth has worn outer enamel, porcelain crown can be the option in addition to other dental prosthetics such as the veneers.

This patient has a chief complaint of disliking his yellowing lower front teeth.  Upon examination, he has a yellowish discoloration on his lower anterior teeth and also worn looking teeth.  Also the neck region of the teeth are worn due to slight gum recession.  Recession is due to his previous periodontal disease status.  However, he has no other pathologies and his current periodontal condition is satisfactory with healthy gum and bone support.


Whitening alone does not resolve all the problems.  Also the patient has a habit of bruxing his teeth so a veneer might not be a viable option because bruxism can damage the veneers.  So I suggest to the patient with the treatment of all porcelain crowns for his anterior teeth.  This is how the teeth looks like after the porcelain crowns are put on.

Zirconia Cosmetic Crowns Postop

The porcelain crowns are able to correct the uneven size and worn shape of his teeth and also provides a much more pleasing white color.



Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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