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Combination of Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Can Do Wonders to Your Smiles

The holiday seasons are upon us.  Parties, family gatherings and meeting with new friends are things we do and often many pictures are taken.  However, if your teeth are yellowish or stained, I would recommend getting teeth cleaning and whitening at our dental office for a dramatic result.  Teeth cleaning can get rid of the plaque buildup around the teeth and the whitening process can change your teeth to a whiter color.  For example, this case shows that the teeth has extensive brown plaque buildup around the teeth and the teeth has been stained yellowish.  Dental cleaning can help remove the brown plaque buildup and the teeth has become whiter with the in-office bleaching.

Pre Whitening and Pre Dental Cleaning Photos

Patient Presents with Extensive Brown Plaque Buildup and Stained Yellowish Teeth


Dramatic Improvement After Dental Cleaning and Whitening



The in-office bleaching is a much safer and more reliable alternative to the other over-the-counter bleaching stripes.  The in-office bleaching is supervised by the dentist and many safety precautions are taken during the bleaching process is done.  The patient would be less likely to swallow those bleaching chemicals and the vital gum tissue and the cheek/lips are protected.  The bleaching result is dramatic because it can change the color of the teeth within an hour when the patient is in the chair.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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Porcelain Veneers Make Beauiful Smiles

Discolored and chipped front teeth can have a make-over with dental porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers are like a new jacket for teeth.  It is cemented onto the front part of the tooth and it can hide the discoloration and recreate a new contour for the tooth.  The following is the diagram showing how the veneers can be put on a tooth:

Porcelain veneer diagram

Many people may not like the appearance of their teeth.  For example, this patient said she would try to hide her front teeth whenever she smiles because she doesn’t like their appearance.  Her front two teeth has discoloration and the corner is chipped.

Veneer Preop

Photo shows chipped front two teeth.


My advice to her is to get the veneer treatment.  After the veneer treatment, her front teeth looks very natural and she said now she can really smile.

Porcelain veneer post-op photo

Dental Porcelain veneers on front two teeth




Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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Cosmetic Anterior Crowns Can Dramatically Improve Your Smiles

Porcelain crowns can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and also provides structural protection for a broken tooth.  If the tooth has discoloration that cannot be removed by whitening and if the tooth has worn outer enamel, porcelain crown can be the option in addition to other dental prosthetics such as the veneers.

This patient has a chief complaint of disliking his yellowing lower front teeth.  Upon examination, he has a yellowish discoloration on his lower anterior teeth and also worn looking teeth.  Also the neck region of the teeth are worn due to slight gum recession.  Recession is due to his previous periodontal disease status.  However, he has no other pathologies and his current periodontal condition is satisfactory with healthy gum and bone support.


Whitening alone does not resolve all the problems.  Also the patient has a habit of bruxing his teeth so a veneer might not be a viable option because bruxism can damage the veneers.  So I suggest to the patient with the treatment of all porcelain crowns for his anterior teeth.  This is how the teeth looks like after the porcelain crowns are put on.

Zirconia Cosmetic Crowns Postop

The porcelain crowns are able to correct the uneven size and worn shape of his teeth and also provides a much more pleasing white color.



Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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Cosmetic Makeover for Seniors

Cosmetic Dentistry doesn’t have to be complicated.  Depending on the extend of existing dental problems, dentist can focus on one single cosmetic dental issue and the improvement can also be dramatic and satisfying to the patient.

I have recently finished a cosmetic dental case with this elderly lady.  Upon looking at her teeth, she gives the chief complaint of crooked front teeth.  She points to her front tooth that is sticking out.

Frontal Dental Bridge Pre-Treatment Cosmetic Dentistry

Pre-Treatment: Crooked front tooth



Of course, there are numerous other dental cosmetic problems such as discoloration of her teeth, stanining, receded gum, etc.  However, those full mouth reconstruction dental procedures such as veneers on multiple teeth, are often complicated, time-consuming and can be quite expensive.  The patient chooses to focus on her front teeth.  I then try to work with her, by using her existing dental condition as the starting point.  I would propose a conservative cosmetic dental treatment option, ie dental crown/bridge for her front teeth.  Her crooked tooth has bone loss and has some mobility due to some local trauma in the past and also some bone loss due to periodontal disease process.  The tooth has guarded prognosis and so I propose to remove the tooth and then give her a new dental bridge.

The new bridge would serve two purpose.  First purpose is to restore the extracted tooth.  Second purpose is to reshape her other two adjacent teeth so that they will be more cosmetically agreeable to her rest of other upper teeth.

This is how she looks like after the entire treatments are fnished.   She is very pleased with the result.



Front Dental Bridge Post-Treatment Cosmetic Dentistry

Post Treatment: Cosmetic Dental Bridge is put on her front teeth.


Abrasion Defect

Abrasion Defect is caused by mechanical trauma to the tooth around the gumline due to abrasive action of toothbrush.  Usually there is also recession of the gingiva (or gum).  The gingiva receded because there might be underlying periodontal disease or due to repeated mechanical trauma of the toothbrush.  Once the gingiva is receded, the root surface area will be exposed.  The root surface area is more prone to mechanical abrasion because biologically there is no enamel to protect the root area.  Overtime, with repeated tootbbrush abrasion, the neck of the tooth will be abraded and a notch will form.

Abrasion Defect

Abrasion Defect at the neck of a tooth.

There are multiple ways to resolve the problem.  One way to undergo tissue grafting of the gingiva to repair the receded gingiva tissue.  This way will help to cover up the root surface area.  Another way is to put a bonded filling to repair the tooth.  Utlimately, the source of the problme needs to be correct which is to minimize the abrasion of the toothbrushing.  Patient can use a toothbrush with a soft bristle.  Also, method of toothbrushing can be modified.  Patient can use the toothbrushing method called the roll method which is more gentle on the gingiva.  By repairing the tooth, it not only restores the cosmestic aspect of the tooth but also protects the tooth from further damage in that area.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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Inlays and Onlays: Better Alternatives to Dental Fillings

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Dental filling is not the only way to fix a cavity.  There is a better alternative to the traditional filling materials and they are inlays and onlays.  They are more durable than the filling materials.

Inlays and onlays are custom-made porcelain jackets used to fill in the cavity after the dentist has excavated all decay from the tooth.  Inlays and onlays are similar to each other.  They are made of the same materials and fabricated with the same process.  Inlays are smaller porcelain jackets covering the innard of the tooth structures.  Onlays are bigger porcelain jackets covering a bigger area and usually they would extend to cover the sharp pointy cusp of the tooth.  These porcelain jackets are made of special type of porcelain that is more durable than the traditional filling materials such as the composite or the amalgam.  They are custom-made in the lab.

The dental process of inlays and onlays are almost like the filling procedures.  After numbing the patient, a dentist would remove all decay in the tooth.  Then depending on the depth of the cavity, dentist might add a base layer for additional insulation to the tooth.  Then the dentist would take impression of the tooth capturing the exact shape of the cavity.  Then, based on the impression model, the lab can make the inlay or onlay.   In the final visit, the inlay or onlay can be cemented.



Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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Dental Trauma and Blackened Tooth

Usually dental trauma causes no harm because teeth are resilient that it can readily recover with sufficient healing time.  However, if the trauma causes severe injury to the tooth that it affects the nerve within the tooth, the nerve will slowly die and the nerve is said to be necrotic.  The tooth won’t get the nutrient it needs.  Overly, the tooth will become darker in color because the deaden nerve causes intrinsic changes to the internal tooth structure and as the result, the tooth would lose its original luster.

This type of changes in tooth color is called intrinsic staining.  Simply external bleaching the tooth is not effective in alleviating the problem.  The deadened tooth needs root canal therapy and then dentist can use the internal bleaching technique to change the tooth color from the inside.  This internal bleaching could improve the appearance of the tooth.  However, for a more complete masking of the darkened color, dentist could put on a dental porcelain crown.



Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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Complete Smile Makeover Makes You More Youthful: A Case in Cosmetic Dentistry

I am going to demonstrate my recent cases on this patient who I completed the complete smile makeover.  This patient came in complaining that people does not like her teeth and think they are dirty.  She is an elderly lady who is relatively healthy with no major illnesses.  She has a few missing teeth and asks me what can be done to make her look better.  I evaluate and I offer her a complete smile makeover, which involves putting dental porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges for her upper teeth.

Complete Smile Makeover Before Photo

Before Photo

I first prepare a waxup model to show her how her final results may look like.  And then I have her to come back for another appointment for doing the bridge preparation on her teeth.  I design the bridge so that the final result will be harmonious to her facial features, her other existing teeth and her bite.

omplete Smile Makeover Wax Model

Wax Model Showing How the final results will look like

After the dental laboratory finished fabrication of the bridge, I have her come back for delivery appointment.  I will remove the temporary bridge and tryin the final permanent bridge.  I check for proper fitment, and evaluate the esthetics.  The patient said she is comfortable with the bridge and also is very satisfied with the estehtics.  I take the following photos showing her final results.

Complete Smile Makeover Final Result

Complete Smile Makeover Final Result


Comparing her initial photo and the “after” photo, we can see that her new bridge makes her smile more pleasant looking.  Because she is able to smile more, she appears to look more youthful.  This is a perfect example of how cosmetic dental treatment can make a person look more youthful, gains more confident and also have good teeth to enjoy good food.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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Invisalign — Invisible Way to Straighten Teeth

Invisalign is one of the orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth.  Traditional orthodontic treatment consists of using metal brackets and wire to move teeth.  For invisalign, a set of multiple clear trays is precisely designed from digital impression of the patient’s teeth and they are used to move teeth in precise controlled manner.  Let me demonstrate how it is done.

Invisalign BeforeThis is one of my recent invisalign patient.  She comes in with upper and lower mild crowding of teeth.  She would like to have especially the front teeth straightened.  From my experience, invisalign is very effective at correcting this type of dental problem.  So I offer invisalign to the patient.

I would take a set of xray radiographs and also photographs of the patient’s teeth.  Then I would take upper and lower impression of patient’s teeth.  I gathered all of these information and then send it to invisalign lab.

After a few days, the invisalign lab would have scanned the impression into a digital copy.  I would then design the treatment in the computer.  I would specify the type and degree of movement for each teeth.   The computer software would create treatment simulation for this patient based on my specification.

My staff would call the patient back to my office for reviewing the treatment proposal and the computer simulation.  If patient has any questions, I would then make modification to the treatment.  With patient’s approval of treatment, I would notify the invisalign company to fabricate a set of clear aligner trays.  These aligner trays are like the mouth guard.  They are stiff but also resilient.  They can control the teeth movement according to the pre-defined treatment path.

Invisalign Clear Aligners, Orthodontist, Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign Trays are clear and fit perfectly on teeth

For this patient, 10 sets of upper and lower trays were fabricated.  The patient would wear each set of aligner for 2-3 weeks.  After the first set of aligner, she would change to the next set of aligners in sequence.




Invisalign After PhotoAfter 6 months, she has completed the treatment and this is how her final result looks like.  Notice her upper and lower teeth are now straight.  She is very happy for her new smile.

I would make a special retainer for her so that her teeth can be kept in proper position.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

Practicing Family Dentist Serving the city of Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Mesa in Arizona.

Cosmetic Dentistry — Facial Golden Ratio, the Key to Beauty

In Comsetic Dentistry, Golden Ratio is one of the most important guide in designing dental restorations to improve a person’s smile.

If a person’s face is even, and has proper proportions, we would say this person is healthy looking and maybe further to say he/she is attractive.  In the Renaissance period in Europe, Greek artists use the “Golden Ratio” to create sculptures of gods/goddesses and architects use the “Golden Ratio” to design buildings.  Now, the scientists rediscover this golden ratio to be one of the most important factors in determining beauty.

Golden Ratio is a number of 1.6.  For example, if the ratio of the length and the width of a face is 1.6, then this face is usually perceived as more attractive.  Teeth can influence the length of a face.  When some teeth are broken or missing, the lower jaw will become closer to the upper arch at its maximum closure.  Thus, the face will appear to become shorter.  Furthermore, if there is lack of teeth support, the cheek would become collapsed and appear sunken in.  The lip and cheek would appear to have more wrinkles and this make a person to looking old.

A brilliant smile can make a person more attractive.  In cosmetic dentistry, when we talk about a beautiful smile, we don’t just talk about lips.  Teeth can influence a person’s smile.  When you smile or talk with someone else, people can see your teeth.  A nice clean looking teeth can change your impression upon other people.  If your teeth is not crooked or stained. dentist can correct it with veneers.  Teeth with proper proportion will make your smile more attractive.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

Practicing Cosmetic Dentist Serving the city of Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Mesa in Arizona.